Oyo State Gaming Board (the “Board”), the gaming regulatory agency of Oyo State Government, Nigeria, seized with the responsibility of regulating betting, lottery, pools and all gaming activities for the purpose of accountability, improve transparency in the industry, stakeholder’s confidence, revenue generation, and utilising proceeds earned towards good causes and community development.

Accrediting, Licencing & Regulation

  • Pools Betting
  • Gaming Machines
  • Sports Betting
  • Promotional Lotteries

Due Diligence, Monitoring & Inspection

  • Scrutiny
  • Investigation
  • Compliance
  • Sanction


  • Litigation
  • Suspension of Licence
  • Revocation of Licence
  • Termination of Licence

Standards Situation

  • Industry Policies and Regulations
  • Technical Standards
  • Stakeholders Meetings and deliberations


Our Mission Statement

Dedicated to viable, accountable and transparent betting, lottery and gaming operations driven by professionalism and innovative technologies for economic and social benefits of the state and meeting the needs of stakeholders.

Vision Statement

To attain a global institutional standard of gaming activities and to become a successful regulatory model in Nigeria.

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