The Oyo State Gaming Board “the Board” held  a press conference for the newly appointed Director General  and Chairman of “the Board”, Mr. Olajide Boladuro on Thursday, 19th March 2020 at the Oyo State Press Center, Governor’s Office, Oyo State Secretariat, Agodi Ibadan.

The conference was to formally introduce the Director General  to the press and the general public as well as outlining his focus for the Board, which is in line with the state four cardinal pillars; Education, Health, Security and Economic expansion.

He emphasized that his mandate will be aimed at achieving some critical factors in gaming regulation which are; Delivering effective regulation in the public interest; working towards effective and efficient gaming ecosystem in Oyo state, building public trust necessary for long term sustainability and growth in the  gaming market, facilitate fairness and openness to prospective and licensed operators and ensure they comply with their mandatory corporate social responsibilities.

Also, he spoke about expansion of the gaming market in Oyo State through the introduction of the State Lottery as well as promotion of other gaming categories such scratch cards, casinos, virtual gaming,  slot machines, charity and promotional lotteries etc.

While addressing issues of punters complaints, he stated that the Board will be setting up a toll-free call centre to cater for punters/stakers complaint. Mr. Boladuro re-emphasize that the Board has zero tolerance for underage betting and that any operator, agent or any stakeholders found will be heavily sanctioned. He also mentioned that the Board will be working at reducing irresponsible gaming addiction amongst the gaming public.

The press conference had in attendance members of the Board’s management and representatives of some media outlets.