Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is OYSGB?
    Ans:OYSGB is the acronym of Oyo State Gaming Board
  2. How did Oyo State Gaming Board (OYSGB) come about?
    Ans:Oyo State Gaming Board was formerly known as Betting Business Commission, the Board was inaugurated with the enactment of the Oyo State Gaming Law 2018.
  3. Why was the Oyo State Gaming Board (OYSGB) established?
    Ans:OYSGB was established to regulate all gaming activities i.e. Lotto/public online lottery, sports betting, pools betting, casino, gaming machines, promotional lotteries, scratch cards & interactive games etc
  4. Does Oysgb regulate all gaming activities?
    OYSGB is the sole regulator of all gaming activity in Oyo State. It responsible for the regulations and oversees the activities of gaming operators (Lotto/public online lottery, sports betting, pools betting, casino, gaming machines, promotional lotteries, scratch cards & interactive games etc).
  5. How do I become a gaming operator in Oyo State?
    Ans:To become a gaming operator in Oyo State, you must first apply and fulfill all the appropriate requirements before you can obtain a licence from OYSG
  6. Who are eligible for gaming licence?
    A company duly incorporated in Nigeria that satisfies the statutory conditions and requirements for the interested gaming licence category. The requirements for the various categories of gaming licence can be found on our website.
  7. Where can I apply for a licence?
    Written (typed) application for any category of licence should be addressed and sent to:
    The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Oyo State Gaming Board
    Oyo State Secretariat
    Agodi, Ibadan
    Oyo State, Nigeria
  8. What is Oyo State Lottery Licence?
    The Oyo State Lottery licence is an exclusive ’State branded’ licence granted to a duly registered private company or organization by OYSGB to conduct lotto/ public online lottery activities within Oyo State. The Oyo State Lottery licence operates independent of the State Government. The holder of the licence observes similar conditions as other lotto/public online lottery operators.
  9. What do you mean by ‘Other Lotteries’?
    Ans:‘Other lotteries’ includes private lotteries, charitable lotteries, society lotteries and promotional competitions. These are lotteries that involve the payment or delivery of any money, goods, article, matter or thing, including any ticket, coupon or entry form for the right to compete in a draw.
  10. Do charitable organizations require a lottery licence when conducting raffle draws or promos?
    All organizations conducting activities that involve raffles or element of chance to promote goods and services or a cause in Oyo State are required to register with OYSGB prior to commencing such activity. Therefore a licence must be obtained from Oyo State Gaming Board to conduct charitable lotteries in the State.
  11. What is the required local content for predominantly foreign owned gaming licence applicants?
    In line with our policy, at least 15% of shares in predominantly foreign owned companies must be held by Nigerians.
  12. What does the application process require?
    Ans:The duration usually depends on the licence category applied for. For ‘other lotteries’ (promotional competitions, private, society and charitable lotteries), OYSGB requires a minimum of 10 (Ten) working days to conduct due diligence and appraise the application.
  13. How many months is licences granted by OYSGB?
    The duration of licences (Sports Betting, Casinos, Pools Betting ) issued by OYSGB is 12 (Twelve) months, except for Lotto/public online lottery which is for a term of 5 (Five) years.
  14. How do I recognize licenced operators in Oyo State?
    :It is mandatory for all Oyo State licencees to display a copy of their respective licence at all retail outlets. If you are unsure of the status of an operator or suspect that such operator is illegal, please report to OYSGB on +2348088880903, 09060006974 or for investigation and further action.
  15. How do I pay my monthly tax as an operator?
    Ans: OYSGB payment code will be given to you which will used to make payment at our designated bank(s).
  1. What are the requirements for gaming licences?
    Ans:The requirements to obtain a gaming licence regulated by OYSGB can be found on OYSGB’s website: for further information on requirements, and via request through our email
  2. How does OYSGB protect the interest of PUNTERS?
    Ans:As part of its regulatory functions, OYSGB addresses complaints and petitions from punters and the general public. For further enquiries, please contact via:
    Call: +2349060006974, 08188880903


  1. Does OYSGB conduct sports betting?
    Ans: No, OYSGB is a regulator to all gaming operators.
  1. Can licences obtained in Oyo State be used in other States?
    No, OYSGB’s licence is limited to Oyo State.
  2. Is it necessary to obtain a form for each promo?
    Ans: A
     promo licence is valid for a duration of the Promo. An organization with valid licence will be required to pay the sum of N25, 000 per draw/prize presentation held on each of its promo.
  3. What if I have a federal licence to conduct promo, do I still need to obtain licence from OYSGB?
    All promotional competitions conducted within the State must be registered with OYSGB.
  4. How much is the application and license fee for Sports betting?
    The registration/processing fee for sports betting is N500,000 while the licence fee is N20,000,000
  5. Can promotional licence be granted to a non – limited liability company?
    Promotional license is incorporated to only a limited liability company.
  6. Can I apply for promo through OYSGB website?
    No because promo applicant must submit hard copies of the requirement document for proper documentation and record purposes.
  7. What are the requirements for casino?
    Ans: The requirements to obtain a gaming licence regulated by OYSGB can be found on OYSGB’s website: for further information on requirements, and via request through our email or Call: +2349060006974, 08188880903


  1. As a pool operator, do I need to pay for application form every year?
    Ans: No, you can only pay for registration/processing fee while applying to become an operator.
  1. Is monthly tax applicable to pools promoters of Oyo State?
    Ans: Yes, all pool operators are required to pay monthly tax to OYSGB.
  1. How much is licence fee renewal for pools operators?
    Ans: As a licence pools operator of OYSGB, you are expected to pay a renewal fee of N50, 000.
  1. Is OYSGB a pools promoters?
    Ans: No, OYSGB is a regulatory body responsible for regulates gaming activities such as sports betting, lotto/lottery, pools betting, casinos and promotional lotteries. 
  1. How long does it take to get my license renewed?
    Ans: It takes 10-14 working days for us to conduct due diligence on your application, Where the applicant satisfactorily fulfils the pre-approval requirements, an Approval in Principle (AIP) will be granted for 90 days. The AIP is a temporary licence. The substantive licence will only be issued on fulfilment of ALL conditions highlighted in the AIP. For existing operators that have qualified due to compliance, a certificate will be issued
  1. What do I do if I no longer operate pools business?
    Ans: You will communicate to the Board via writing notifying us of your intent to suspend or terminate your business operations

For further information, please contact us as follows:
Call: +2349060006974, 08188880903



  1. At what percentage of lotto licensed operator’s monthly income am I eligible to pay?
    Ans: A licensed lotto operator is expected to pay 5% of his monthly sales. This also applies to Sports Betting and Casinos operators.
  1. Can licence be renewed automatically?
    Renewal is not automatic but subject to satisfactory performance and compliance with Terms & Conditions of licence.
  2. Does licence for promotional lotteries covers specific distribution channels?
    OYSGB’s licence covers all distribution channels of the operator, except the system is automated.
  3. Are other taxes payable to OYSGB apart from the monthly tax being paid on promotional lotteries?
    No, upon obtaining approval to operate, licencees are only expected to pay 5% of their monthly sales to OYSGB.
  4. Does OYSGB decide technical service providers for all operators?
    No, operators have the freedom to choose technical service providers; however, the technical platform must be tested and accredited for compatibility and aptness for the State Gaming industry and the Board Server.
  5. Are newly registered company expected to provide a bank statement for 1 year and management account?
    Ans: Newly registered company are exempted from providing the requirement for 1 (One) year bank statement and management account. It is only applicable to existing companies.
  6. Is there a fixed amount of capital required to set up gaming operations in Oyo State?
    No, OYSGB does not require a fixed amount as proof of financial capability. Applicants must show sufficient funds to cover licence fee, set up costs, winnings and other operational expenses.
  7. Are non-resident directors required to submit tax clearance certificate?
    Yes, Directors domiciled outside the state or country should provide tax clearance certificate from respective states or countries of domicile.
  8. Are draws conducted for Public Online Lottery by OYSGB?
    No, draws are conducted independently by respective operators.