Oyo State Gaming Board

The Oyo State Gaming Board (OYSGB) is the betting, gaming and lottery regulatory body of Oyo State Government. OYSGB was inaugurated by the Oyo State Government as the successor to the Oyo State Betting & Gaming Commission under the Oyo State Gaming Law 2018.

The board is solely responsible for regulating (registration & licencing, permits, monitoring and inspection) of pools betting, sport betting (online and offline), Lotteries, casinos, promotional competitions, gaming machines operations and other gaming activities in Oyo State.

The board goals is to generate revenue for the state, regulate gaming business, promote transparency, integrity and accountability; facilitate value added social responsibility programmes, and importantly protect the interests of participants, customers, operators, other stakeholders and the general public.

The Board came into existence at a time where the former commission was limited in the technical know-how, technology, efficient people operations and innovation to be at par with global standards and parameters in Gaming industry regulation.